The following terms and conditions outline your contract between you (the client), and myself (Louise Parkinson).

Please read the following carefully and submit the form at the end.



1. A deposit is usually requested before commencement of the work. This deposit will be agreed at the outset and will be 20-50% of the total cost although this may differ depending on the work. 

2. When ordering fabric through Scruffy Upholstery, I will usually take payment of the fabric as deposit. This again, will be agreed at the outset. 

3. Payment of your deposit also secure you place in my queue. 

Occasionally I do not require a deposit (if the job is small), in this instance, receipt of these terms and conditions is your agreement to comply with them.

4. The rest of the balance will be requested at the end of the project when complete.

I will contact you to let you know that I have completed and you will be sent an invoice. Payment of the invoice is to be made prior to collection or at the time of collection. I cannot hand over your item until payment has been made.


Fabric & Fillings

5. Fabric should be sourced through Scruffy Upholstery. I know the fabric companies that I work with well, and trust their suitability and quality for upholstery. I have an array of fabrics from many reputable companies and I can guide you through fabric choice so that it works well for your particular project.  You can either make an appointment to view my fabrics or I can arrange for samples to be sent to you in most cases.

6. All new fillings applied to furniture manufactured after 1950 will be in compliance with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988. All new covering fabric supplied by me will comply with the regulations with the exception of covers which contain 80% natural fibres, when it is acceptable to use an interliner which complies with the regulations. Furniture manufactured prior to 1950 does not come within the scope of the 1988 Regulations with regard to filling or cover.

Clients own fabric or materials

7. If the client supplies his/her own fabric* (or materials), it is their responsibility to ensure that it is suitable for the purpose for which they intend to use it and that it complies with the relevant regulations in force with regard to Fire and Safety (as described in the section above).  The client will need to send me details of their fabric prior to the commencement of the work.

8. I reserve the right to charge a 10% surcharge (of the total labour cost) when using your own fabric. Shortage of covering fabric supplied by the client is the client’s responsibility and I cannot be held responsible for any fabric flaws. 

*Please refer to the section below called  sourcing your own fabric.


9. In the event that you have supplied measurements and / or drawings for your project, for example for a bench seat, box cushion, window seat etc., then I will make the item to the measurements you have supplied. If after you receive your items you find that you have measured incorrectly then this is your responsibility. 

In such an instance I only have your measurements to go on and cannot be held responsible for your error. 

This also applies to replacement covers where you have only supplied me with measurements or the cover itself. 

Please bear in mind that when measuring box cushions / window seats, bench seats etc, that foam moves and squashes, so please allow sufficient margins for this. 

10. It may be possible to arrange corrections,  but you will be charged again, at the same rate for this work.  Please ensure that you are absolutely certain about your measurements. 

11. Any work undertaken by a third party is their responsibility and not mine.


Please ask for guidance if you are unsure when measuring up.


Acceptable tolerances

12. It is commercially accepted that upholstery can have up to 2.5cm deviation within specified measurements. 

Any minor deviations are to be expected and reflect the handmade nature of the item. 

13. Please also be aware, that different fabrics behave differently and this will be reflected in the finished item. For instance a new fabric may not have the same look as the previously used covers. Fabrics come in natural fibres, synthetic, blended, weaves, linens etc. Some fabrics have some stretch (like wools) others do not. Therefore the finished item may look differently to how you might expect. I will use my judgement and experience when working on your project.


Rush orders

14. Last minute orders may be possible, depending on my workload at the time.

Rush orders will incur a surcharge of 20- 50% of the usual cost.



15. I have limited storage space. Therefore I will only be able to accept your item into my workshop just before I am due to start work on it. 

Once your item is finished, it will need to be collected promptly in order for me to accept my next project. Failure to collect may incur charges as it may leave me unable to get on with further projects. Please do not bring a project to me if you are not able to collect, for example if you are about to go on holiday, unless otherwise agreed with me.



16. The client is usually expected to bring the item to me and collect it when finished.

Collection / delivery can be arranged but may incur a charge either from myself or from my courier. In some instances, I may be able to deliver myself and this will be discussed during the project.



17. The work carried out is guaranteed for 1 year only from the date of payment of the balance / collection. This guarantee is voided if damage occurs to the item as a result of improper cleaning, spills, wear and tear or marks caused by improper use (including pets) and other inappropriate causes. Items will be examined and if damage appears to be any of the above, you will not be eligible for any further action on my part.



18. You are expected to examine the item on collection and only accept if happy. Please notify me of any problems you may have with your item within 7 days and I will endeavour to resolve as soon as possible.


Please now fill out and submit this form to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting!


Whilst you may ultimately decide to source your own fabric, I firstly need to make you aware that fabric chosen by yourself does not come with the same work guarantee as fabric that I supply from the fabric companies I work with.


I strongly advise you to ensure that your chosen fabric is Fire Retardant (FR).  If it is NOT fire retardant, you may wish to consider having it made fire retardant with an FR coating. For certain fabrics (80% natural fibres) an FR inter-liner may be applied, but this would be at extra cost. There are companies online that will make your fabric fire retardant and I can direct you to them if you prefer. 


You may still wish to choose fabric that is NOT fire retardant, but you do this at your own risk.


The second thing that you must consider when sourcing your own fabric – Is it actually suitable for upholstery?


There are millions of fabrics available and only a small percentage of them are actually suitable for upholstery. Sometimes a fabric may be listed as suitable for ‘light upholstery’ but this means soft furnishings – ie cushions, blinds and curtains or occasional furniture,  rather than being suitable for being applied to furniture and sat on regularly. It is up to you to check this for yourself. I cannot be held responsible for fabric that does not stand the test of time when it was not suitable for upholstery in the first instance. Please check the labels that should be listed against the fabric or contact me for advice.


The other thing to consider when choosing fabric is something called the Martindale rub test (see chart below).  This indicates how well a fabric will wear / how durable it is.  This information should be available from the retailer.



















Should you approach me with a fabric and I feel that it is not suitable, then I may decide to decline the work. 

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