So flippin' busy!

Well it's been ages (erm 7 months actually😳) since I wrote a blog post, but that's because I've been so flippin' busy since I moved into my workshop. I've just been prompted by the lovely Catherine Turnbull, the editor of Living magazine that my blogs are a wee bit behind the times, so I thought I'd better write an update. She's been kind enough to offer to do a piece on my business which will be in the January edition (how exciting)!

It's been a whirlwind and I'm really loving having my own space, it's great to get all of my equipment and clutter out of our dining room (though the cellar is still rammed). All the decorating, titivating, organising, and promoting has left me very little time to do anything else. Mind you there's always time for holidays so I've managed to squeeze in a couple of them as they are top of my priority no matter what. Oh and I also did a bit of jury service in the summer at Leeds Crown Court. It was brilliant....very satisfying sending bad people to prison!

I'm next door to a dog grooming parlour "Pooch Perfect by Pen" so I hear lots of woofie noises coming through the walls, it's nice to have some company. It's also nice building networks within the local community, there are some lovely businesses in Tadcaster and we all try to help each other out and support each other.

I've been running regular workshops making footstools and they've proven really popular. Loads of commissions to revamp people's old furniture and my customers have really good taste so I've had the pleasure of doing some lovely pieces.

I also did a few pieces for the company filming ITV's Victoria. They're based in nearby Church Fenton so I made some pieces for Victoria's train carriage, and a 'knighting stool', for some fella to kneel on whilst being knighted!

Oh what fun, and it's all ramping up for Christmas so I'd better get off this laptop and get my finger out and do some work!

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