Workshop Opening!


I'm moving into my workshop at the weekend a.k.a. #StudioScruffy!! I absolutely can't wait to get everything OUT OF THE HOUSE, reclaim our dining room, stop eating off our knees, stop standing on staples, stop having to pick millions of bits of thread and fluff off the floor, and stop tripping over chairs, and stop doing everyone's head in with my mess😜.

It's a five minute walk away, right in the centre of Tadcaster which means I'll still be able to juggle family stuff and work stuff and pop home for lunch (unless the bakery next door beckons). For those of you who know Tadcaster, it's through the archway next door to Cooplands Bakery. Here's a picture of the front...It's quite pretty, but I wish it didn't have plastic windows as I'd have loved to have painted them a nice colour. I'll just have to be imaginative in other ways.

I've got loads of ideas but not much money to start off so it'll be a bit by bit process. It's only 2 rooms so one is for storage (and probably where I hide my hideous mess) and the other will be customer facing and where I work and hold my workshops! Phew! I'm hoping that I haven't over imagingined how big it is. I want the front room to be inviting and funky, but it will be where I work so people will see how it all works.

One of the highlights for me is that I'll be able to hold my footstool courses. I've got a couple of bookings already and I'm raring to go.

Later this week I'm off to a networking / social media event held by @avocado_events in York. It'll be good to meet lots of other locals who are running lovely small businesses. I already know a couple of them, but I reckon networking is so important when you're trying to grow your business, it really helps being a part of a community who refer work onto each other. I was rubbish at in my last job, but I find it really enjoyable now. Must be because I love my job 😍.

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