Foxy radios, Decoporium and my range of footstools....

I've been really busy the last couple of months, both doing customer commissions and getting my work ready to sell in Decoporium at Thorpe Arch near Wetherby. My trading space is really tiny at the moment as I see if this space works for me. I've made my own range of footstools, all handmade from scratch, with gorgeous musical fabric sourced from the USA. I've also been dabbling with recovering Roberts Radios. These radios have a lovely retro look to them, but sadly their covers are really easy to damage by scratching, hence there are a lot of radios in bad condition out there. I'm offering re-covers as a service but have also purchased some of my own to do up and sell. It's all good fun but busy, busy, busy, in the run up to Christmas.

#robertsradiorecover #scionMrFox #MrFox #MrFoxRadio #footstools #Decoporium #madetoorder

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