Timorous Beasties! Happy days

I've been dying to get my hands on Timorous Beasties fabric ever since I first saw the amazing designs from the Glasgow designers. Luckily my adventurous client loved them too and before I knew it I had the pleasure of transforming an understated (dull) victorian nursing chair into an absolute beauty using their 'Thunderblotch' design. It took me ages to decide which piece went where - there were so many combinations that would look amazing. My favourite part though was doing the buttoning and finding that the fabric was just pliable enough to sit absolutely perfectly in the back of the chair. I could ramble on for ages about this project, but the photos will have to do the talking...

#TimorousBeasties #nursingchair #victoriannursingchair #funkyfabric #timorousbeastiesthunderblotch #Thunderblotch #TimorousBeastiesnursingchair #deepbuttoning #gorgeousfabric #Ilovemyjob

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