Hi Louise,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to drop you a note today thank you for the work you did on our lovely chair.

Since you re-upholstered it, it has literally been in daily use and is everyone’s favourite chair in the whole house with the kids wanting stories read to them in the chair and falling asleep on the soft velvet. 

Many thanks,


EST 2016

15% discount for 3 people, 20% discount for 4 people

Make the day extra special add lunch and fizz 🍾 

Usual day price is £165 per person

Bookings of 3 people qualify for 15% discount = £140.25 per person

Bookings of 4 people qualify for 20% discount = £132.00 per person

Include lunch and fizz for an extra £15 per person🍾!

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