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With a background of nearly 20 years in nursing, fulfilling though it was, I often wondered how on earth I ended up in a job that didn't satisfy my yearning to create. But family and work life is busy and hobbies are tricky to fit in so I never really pursued anything away from my regular job.  In spring 2016, whilst on holiday in Dorset, I was flicking through Reloved magazine on the shelf of a shop. In it I spotted a familiar footstool that had been renovated, so I bought the magazine. I owned the same 1960s step-stool which had belonged to my nana and was rotting away in my cellar covered in years of paint splatters from my parents using it to decorate with. A wreck of a thing, but I am a sentimental hoarder and don't throw anything like this away. I renovated my step-stool, and feeling quite pleased with myself, I sent pictures to the Reloved editors. They did a little feature in the magazine a couple of months later.  A spark of creativity was reignited, which also led me to do a random wood carving class in York. All my work stresses fell away in the evening class. I absolutely loved immersing myself in the simple act of working with my hands and I realised how therapeutic it was for me which led me to thinking seriously about how I could make it into a job for me.
Finally, I took the plunge and left my nursing job and after lots more procrastinating, turned to a career in upholstery.  I trained at the fantastic Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester, under the watchful eyes of Antony Devine (artistic director, featuring frequently on TV's money for Nothing) and Paul Cunliffe (upholstery mentor extraordinaire). Instantly I felt that I found my niche and threw myself into my new business with passion and a sense of huge excitement.  And here I am now, a busy new small business, lots of work, lovely projects and exciting times ahead.
My focus is on creating fabulous items of furniture that create the 'wow factor' in your home.  I am personally inspired by mid century, retro and vintage furniture and funky fabric designs so my own pieces usually fall into these categories.  Buy one of my unique pieces or commission your own. 
Oh, and in case you were wondering about the name (some people think I'm mad calling my business 'scruffy').... 'Scruffy Duffy' was a nickname which I have had over the years, Duffy being my maiden name, and I'm rather fond of it ☺️.



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